Dr. Grantham's work on terrorist finance, international Islamism and intelligence sharing

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Cyber and Defense

Dr. Grantham's analysis on local cyber laws, threats to infrastructure and more

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Regional Security

Dr. Grantham's writes and speaks about his expertise in Latin America and the Middle East

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Think Global, Act Local

The phrase is often associated with environmental reforms. Yet, the same statement can be used to describe how to achieve 21st century safety and security.

Dr. Grantham is one of the most sought after voices regarding matters of national security.  He is passionate about promoting ideas and solutions that adhere to fixed principles of freedom of the individual, rule of law, and economic efficiency.

He has even begun developing a quantifiable threat-based security strategy model.  This patented approach to security evaluates and promotes solutions that further a strategic model of proactive, intelligent, effective, and responsive (PIER) ideas.

Decades of funding based on maximizing available resources has turned homeland security and the defense sector into job programs. Whereas others advocate for more or less spending, Dr. Grantham's threat-based model promotes wise spending with proactive and preemptive solutions in the short, medium and long-term ranges to address current and emerging threats. The model will be useful to the private and public sector alike. Most important: it will be used to keep Americans safe.

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